General Terms and Conditions of Attendance at Ivegill Nursery

  1. The Nursery is open during school term dates, a list is posted on the board for reference.
  2. The Nursery is open from 9am to 3.30pm divided into morning, lunch and afternoon sessions. Bookings will only be based on sessions.
  3. Children should arrive no earlier than 8.50am for the morning session and be collected no later than 3.40pm from an afternoon session as supervision cannot be guaranteed beyond these times. We reserve the right to charge outside these hours. Staff will commence the 'Failure to collect child' policy if neccessary
  4. No food or drinks should be brought into Nursery unless there are reasonable circumstances which should be discussed with the Lead Practitioner or unless you have opted to provide a packed lunch. A drink and snack are provided at both sessions ie. mid morning and mid afternoon.
  5. Fees should be paid half-termly or termly in advance. A price list is available and bills will be sent out at the start of each term. It is not possible to make reductions for sessions missed due to illness or holidays although arrangements can be made with the Lead Practitioner for the child to 'make up' sessions missed at a later date wherever possible.
  6. Fees are normally reviewed once a year during the Autumn Term. Notification of any increase will normally be given before the end of the Autumn term and will take effect at the start of the Spring term. The right is reserved to increase fees at other times and then a term's notice will be given where practicable.
  7. The liability to pay fees is the liability or joint liability of each person who has signed the registration form and/or who has parental responsibility for the child. Non-payment of fees may lead to a child losing its reserved sessions and ultimately to exclusion.
  8. The right is reserved to charge interest on unpaid fees whether or not the child has been excluded. The rate will be 2% per month on a daily basis and will start 7 days from date of reminder notice.
  9. Any bank expenses incurred by the Nursery as a result of unpaid cheques returned by the bank will be charged to those concerned.
  10. Children suffering from a serious contagious illness or sickness and diarrhoea should be kept at home until 48 hours from last episode.
  11. The Lead Practitioner or your child's Key Person is happy to discuss progress or concerns with parents at a mutually convenient time or at parents' evenings periodically held during the Nursery year.
  12. Any complaints may be addressed to Lisa Nelson, Sam Irving or the Management Committee. If you do not consider your complaint has been satisfactorily dealt with or at any stage it may be referred to Ofsted, 3rd Floor, Picadilly Gate, Store St, Manchester. Tel. 03001231231. A record of any complaints is kept and this can be seen by parents on request at any time.
  13. The Management Committee reserves the right to close the Nursery in exceptional circumstances, possibly during severe weather conditions or excessive staff shortages due to illness making it impossible to maintain staff/child ratios.
  14. The Management Committee reserves the right to alter any conditions and terms as it sees fit from time to time.
  15. The Trustees of Ivegill Nursery have the power to control the admission of children and if appropriate require parents or guardians to withdraw them.